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Adapting Your Sales Approach: DISC Based Strategies for Connecting With Different Types of Customers

April 27, 20236 min read

“Selling is not something you do to someone, It's something you do for someone.” ~ Zig Ziglar


You've probably heard the saying, "People buy from people." It's true. People want to do business with people they know, like and trust, who understand their needs and can help them get what they want. To create those relationships, you need to know your customers well enough that you can tailor your approach to meet their unique preferences.

This article will introduce you to the DISC personality framework--a simple model that categorizes customers into four distinct types: Dominant (D), Influential (I), Supportive (S) or Conscientious (C). Once we understand these styles, we'll look at how they affect our interactions with others so we can adapt our sales approach accordingly. And don't miss the special offer at the end.

DISC Personality Styles: A Brief Overview

The DISC model is a personality framework that identifies four main behaviour styles. It's based on the work of psychologist William Marston, who identified these four behavioural styles as dominance (D), influence (I), steadiness (S), and conscientiousness (C).

While each person has all four components within their personality, one will usually be dominant over the other three. Unfortunately, this means that when you're interacting with someone else who has a different dominant style than yours, it can be difficult for both parties to connect or understand each other's needs and wants. To help bridge this gap between people with differing dominant behaviours, we'll explore how you can adapt your sales approach depending on which type of customer comes through your door!

Adapting Your Sales Approach for Dominance (D) Style Customers

Dominance (D) style customers are driven by a need to be in control. They want to know what they're getting into and why, and they'll ask many questions before making a purchase decision. If you don't answer their questions or give them what they want, they'll find someone who will.

As the seller, your job is to help D-style customers feel comfortable with the situation, whether explaining why something costs more than expected or simply patiently listening; at the same time, they vent about some aspect of their experience with your company that wasn't up to par. Once you've earned their trust, it's time for action: show them how much value your product offers by confidently demonstrating its features and benefits! D type of customers like communication that is concise, to the point and ends with them having several options. 

Connecting with Influence (I) Style Customers

I style customers are characterized by their strong desire to be heard and understood and their need for social validation. They like to have dynamic conversations with salespeople who can listen actively and ask insightful questions. These customers also enjoy talking about themselves, so you should encourage them to do so when appropriate.

You'll want to build rapport with I-style customers before moving on to any other aspect of the sales process--and even then, you should continue engaging in meaningful dialogue throughout your interactions with them. Suppose there's one thing that will help close deals with this type of prospect. In that case, it's connecting emotionally through open communication and mutual trust (which comes from listening). In addition, I style customers will like the process to move quicker and want to enjoy the experience. 

Navigating Sales Conversations with Steadiness (S) Style Customers

S-style customers are the steadiest, most reliable people you'll meet. They are also the most likely to be loyal and committed to your brand. So if you're looking for someone who will stick with you through thick and thin, S-style customers are it.

To establish trust with an S-style customer, focus on demonstrating reliability by being consistent in communication and delivery of products or services. In addition, be sure that all promises made are kept--this includes everything from honouring discounts when they're due (even if they were offered before) to delivering products on time every single time!

When closing deals with S-style customers:

  • Ensure everything is clear upfront so there aren't any surprises later on down the line; this includes price points and any additional fees associated with using your service/product(s).

Catering to Conscientiousness (C) Style Customers

If you're a C-style customer, you prefer to have all the details before deciding. However, you are likely concerned about the product or service being presented. Therefore, you will want those addressed before moving forward.

Conscientiousness (C) style customers like detailed information, so be prepared to give them plenty of it! They may ask questions that seem redundant or unnecessary for them to feel comfortable with their purchase decision. They'll want assurance that their concerns have been addressed, so be sure to answer these questions and follow up after closing the deal with an email containing additional information about how things work or what steps need to be taken next.

Putting It All Together: Adapting to Different DISC Styles in Real-Time

Now that you've learned about the different DISC styles and how to adapt your approach for each, let's look at some ways to implement these strategies.

  • Recognizing cues and adjusting your approach during a sales conversation

  • When meeting with a prospect or customer, please pay attention to how they react when you first greet them. Are they friendly and open? Or do they seem more reserved? This can give you clues as to which personality type of person they are, which will help guide how much information you share with them in future conversations. If someone seems reserved but has expressed interest in learning more about what you have available, consider offering them something more detailed than usual--perhaps even sending over additional materials (if appropriate).

  • Balancing your own DISC style with that of your customer

  • As mentioned earlier, it's essential not only for salespeople but also anyone else who regularly interacts with others--from managers who lead teams at work all the way down through friends or family members who spend time together socially--to understand their own personalities before attempting any relationship-building strategy like those discussed above."


We hope you've found this guide helpful in your journey to becoming a better salesperson. As you continue to hone your DISC-based sales approach, remember that it's not about being perfect--it's about constantly improving and adapting.

The key takeaways from this article are:

  • Personalized strategies are more effective than one-size-fits-all approaches.

  • Use the DISC model as a framework for understanding how different customers respond to different types of communication styles and tactics (e.g., empathy vs assertiveness)

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Don Goertz

Don Goertz - Mentor - Coach to Realtors, Don focuses on helping you understand your own personal style and how to make adjustments and better serve your clients

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