Make Friends and Win More Deals:

How Understanding Personality Types Supercharges Your Sales

Expert Guidance from a Certified DISC Behavior Consultant and Seasoned Realtor

Are your communication skills costing you money or making you money?

Improving them helps no matter what!

Get Instant Access Now!

Are you Overwhelmed and Not Getting Results?

Afraid you aren't good enough?

Don't know where to start?

You keep trying and still no results?

Less than 5% of all Agents Currently have a formalized business plan

The Best REALTORS Develop Strategic Plans and Implement them consistantly!

Building Your Successful Career is as Simple as 1, 2, 3...

A customized plan give's you the next steps toward fulfilling your dream.

By Being Strategic and developing Simple and Repeatable plans, you will attract More Leads, establish higher levels of Trust & Confidence with your clients, Convert more Sales and Build a Business that goes beyond your next commission Check!

3 Ways We Can Work Together to Build Your Real Estate Career

1:1 Strategic Planning Session

  • Length: 120 minutes

  • Review and analyze your desired take home revenue.

  • Breakdown & evaluate your daily activities

  • Review your lead generation systems including CRM

Online Mastermind Training Groups

  • Why Don't You Sell the Way that I Buy?

  • Biweekly Masterminds

  • Personal Selling Style Assessment

  • Uncover your Prospects Buying Style

  • 90 Day Program

1:1 Custom Coaching Packages

  • Discover Areas of Strength

  • Uncover Your Greatest Challenge

  • Shorten Learning Curve

  • Build a Strategic Plan with Clear Action plan

  • Stay on Track and Accountable

Building a career isn't just about the numbers. It's also building relationships and discovering your personal style in doing so!

Personal Style can be defined as "a set of traits that makes you unique" or, more simply put: how you operate on an individual

level when interacting with others--working effectively both personally AND professionally.

85% (NAR est.) of all New Realtors Leave within their first 5 years

Helping new REALTORS find their unique selling style so they build a career beyond the next commission check

Take the next steps in the process for guiding you there.

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